Barrel Room Receptions

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With the advent of wineries setting up the Temecula Valley in the early 1980’s, the need for enclosed buildings to house and the wines became a necessary need. So from a practical standpoint, every winery needed them, but typically only for a limited amount of time, and only so much of the space. This opened up the opportunity to ‘share’ this space with events such a wedding receptions.

Today, Temecula has close to 45 working wineries, and the ones that do weddings, also have barrel rooms to rent to bridal parties for indoor receptions. These typically cool rooms are perfect for this use as they give everyone a climate controlled environment to dine and dance in as the wedding day winds down. 

They also serve a unique, and empty canvas for those couples who want to design their event into something special, a reflection of their individuality and creativeness. It is usual for the couples to bring in their own tables and chairs, add specialty lighting, a dance floor, plus other accessories to decorate the space. So when looking at winery for a ceremony/reception, stick your head into the barrel room if it is available and let your imagination run wild!


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