Bold Is In…

It is no secret that the selection of the Color of the Year by Pantone set off a flurry of design aspirations centered around Living Coral. You, like many in the event space likely never heard of Living Color before the announcement last November.

But what this did do is open up the palette for us trend setters into a whole new vision of what our event space decor could do and more importantly, how our interpretations could fill the room. At Mosaic Bride we were energized and couldn’t wait to showcase some of the ideas we had hiding in the closet since many would have seen these as ‘too over the top’ and not in-vogue.

So we set off to capture a shoot at the venerable Pala Mesa Resort in Fallbrook California. Why here, because they have some gorgeous background settings that allowed the colors to ‘pop’ and to show that to achieve the most trending styling, you don’t have to drop oodles of green – you just need a little creativity and an attitude that encompasses your own sure-footedness when it comes to what you like and don’t like