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I would like to start by saying that I love Weird. I love the unique and creative nature of all things associated with being strange and against the norm. That’s why when I saw Desert View Tower on Roadside America’s website, I knew I had to go there. The first time I went to the Desert View Tower was on a date in December, 2017. This place is a sprawling desert sanctuary, punctuated with folk art and Americana. Walking through the oddities in the Tower and climbing through the painted anthropomorphic rock features really inspired me. While researching the Tower,…


Industrial Elegance Meets Whimsical and Rustic Elements at this Wedding Styled Shoot at Wiens Family Cellars Soft details combined with Tank room elements create an industrial/chic aesthetic at this winery wedding With a color palate including shades of gray, mauve and maroon these hues really helped tie together the natural elements of the winery with an elevated elegance feel. Some of the standout design pieces included dark gray linens, a tall silver candelabra for the center of the table draped in florals, jewels and candlelight and purple and blue up-lighting to make the space feel intimate yet inviting. At the…