Mosaic Bride 2016

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A lot of hard work and a little fun along the way has produced another eye-dropping edition of Mosaic Bride, the leading wedding and styling guide for the Temecula Valley.

Last year we tried and succeeded to break new ground with providing a glimpse of the tremendous people and fashions that make up the character of this exploding wedding & reception scene here in the Valley. With more than 3,500 weddings locally, Temecula is not only popular with local brides, but is also a premier wedding destination nationally. Our little secret is secret no more.

Mosaic Bride has been right there presenting a detailed and artistic guide for brides all over the world to locate, and develop relationships with many of the best local wedding professionals.

Over and over again we would hear from both our advertisers and in many cases, the brides & grooms themselves who commented on how instrumental our Mosaic Bride 2015 edition was to helping to ease their task of locating vendors in the area – as well as on the vendor side for making brides aware of their services’. Throughout the 2015 year Mosaic Bride print editions were readily distributed at over 30 physical locations in addition to the numerous bridal shows all over Orange, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties. Tens of thousands of copies of our first edition were and are in circulation – and we couldn’t be more proud!

The 2016 edition has some subtle changes. But hopefully you will agree that both the contents and imagery is improved as we try to carry over the trend of making a visually stunning product that resonates with brides and grooms in this special wedding market.

Our current digital magazine is here for your viewing.

We have a lot more in the plans for this coming year, so please check back with us.


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