Pinterest Lens & Your Wedding Registry

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In a marriage of technology and style, this week Pinterest and Target announced the first rollout of a new idea & design combination, Pinterest Lens.

We all know Pinterest, the leading design and idea platform that is ever so popular with couples in the planning and styling-end of their special day. Well, in February, Pinterest introduced a new feature that allows the Pinterest user to identify an item, and see how to buy this item or items from retailers. What’s cool and new is the ability to now too not only Pin items, but to actually see where you can buy these items. Hasn’t this always been the dreaded issue – I love that, where can I get it?

The solution is coming. Target this week is the first to go live with this innovation and make it possible for you to see it, Pin it, and shop for it in a matter of clicks – How neat is this!

Target in their press release mentioned that this is rolling out in phases, but that their Wedding Registry will be one of the first area’s that will see this ability.

Look at others to soon get into the game as the ever-challenging design aspect of weddings & receptions moves even more digital in the near future. We would also expect other wedding-centric providers to jump on the train. Could you bridal gowns trending this way, or maybe specialty rental companies also.


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