WHAT IS A STYLE SHOOT: Sometimes people over-complicate what a styled shoot actually is. It’s exactly what its name implies, it’s a shoot that’s styled! With styled shoots you’ll be spending a little more time to put together a theme, a certain look, props, details, outfits, etc. Styled shoots don’t have any particular rules other than they should be styled somehow. How you decide to style them and what themes you want to use is totally up to you

Style Shoots 1

Mediterranean Splendor

Classic shapes & lines color this soft, touching look

Style Shoots 2

Tastefully Classic 

Sophisticated, yet casual elegance await in this hidden hillside resort venue

Style Shoots 3

Ranch Visions

Easy rustic for those looking for unique venues with character & individuality 

Style Shoots 4

Temecula Hilltop

Capturing the vista’s from deep in the last lights in wine country

Style Shoots 5

Andy Warhol Nuptials

Using the inspiration of Andy Warhol to add some visual pop to the setting

Style Shoots 6

Winter White Barn

Where rustic chic is married to finely tuned velvety textures 

Style Shoots 7

Fazeli Cellars Winery

Elegance & Sophistication abound in this portfolio of heightened imagery in wine country

Style Shoots 8

Luxury Desert Junkyard 

To each his own is paramount when staging a shoot in the Anza desert outside of Temecula

Style Shoots 9

Avensole Winery

Blues & Gold hues add the visual fun in one of Temecula’s close-in premier wedding & reception venues 

Style Shoots 10

Pala Mesa Resort

Bright & bold colors abound in this highly vibrant style shoot in the hills that surround fallbrook

Style Shoots 11

Galway Downs

Ceremonies and receptions with a ranch backdrop is foremost for this Galway Downs style shoot

Style Shoots 12

Gothic Circus 

In the valley south of Temecula is the setting for the eclectic Gothic circus styled shoot full of textures