Our featured Spotlight Vendor of this month  is The Ballroom At Temeku Hills. This is one of the more unique wedding & reception venues in the Temecula Valley. Why  so? Because Temeku Hills is one of the few facilities that can provide both an outdoor and indoor component to your event. 

The name implies that a ballroom is available and you couldn’t be more right. This expansive main room of this elegant clubhouse is ideal for the more formal of occasions as well as one’s that need a  weather neutral location. Never too hot or too cold for your guests; a Plan B – no way, you’re inside and protected from the elements. But the real advantage is that you not only get this close-in location, but you also are on the list of the catering vendor, As You Like It Catering – one of the area’s premier wedding catering providers. You, as the client get to tailor your menu to fit what you like and add those special touches that can personalize your special event.

Outside, Temeku Hills has a grass lined area for the ceremonies with a nicely appointed gazebo for those focused shots of the vows. The large pepper tree in off to the side is a welcome focal point as well when those post ceremony activities take you away from your guests as they prepare to enter the Ballroom for the actual reception. 

Where does this type of venue fit in the Valley’s extensive list of locations – easily near the top. We’re well aware that not everyone wants a winery venue, and sometimes a more traditional facility is needed for design, guest related reason, and well, just personal taste. You’re encouraged to click through and check out the offering and packages that The Ballroom At Temeku Hills provides.
The Ballroom At Temeku Hillshttps://www.temekuhillsballroom.com/, Call: (951) 795-4280, Email: info@temekuhillsballroom.com


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