All great events should consist of Pre-Planning to insure that the special day, such as your wedding & reception happen exactly as your wish. Before you start to dive into the Vendors area – maybe determine a few finer points of your wedding that will greatly help you in narrowing down the kinds, and numbers of services and professionals you’re going need.

3 Steps to Choosing Your Vendors

1. Decide What Your Style, Theme, or Type of Wedding Your After

Are you’re looking for a formal affair, is a more rustic, or maybe elegant style is more to your taste

2.  How many guests are expecting to attend your wedding and/or reception

This is one of biggest determination of both your budget size, as well as the venues size and costs. More Guests cost more, and also limit the type and size of available venues. Typical Temecula venues hover around 150-200 guests that they can safely accommodate. Many do more, but the average is around 120 for typical weddings.

3.  Venues & Dates

Knowing your style, the number of potential guests, and your targeted budget will go along ways in determining what venues can both hold your guest count, as well fit into your budget constraints. Once the venue is selected, it’s now time to start the Vendor selection to locate and contract for the Band or DJ, Florist, Photographer, Gown, Transportation, Cake, and so on.