Winter Bridal Shows for 2019

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In the wedding industry, the winter season is one of the most active for bridal shows and open houses. Why?

Simply because we’re coming off the holidays and A Lot of engagements happen at this time. Family and friends are around, everyone feels festive, and well, lets just say, couples have other things on their minds – like their futures. It is this paradigm that was the genius for the wedding bridal show season kicking off traditionally on the first weekends of the new year.

In Southern California, this trend is very evident. For example, the first weekend this year, Mosaic Bride will be at no less than three large bridal shows giving away copies of our new issue, and also meeting a new wave of brides and grooms and giving them advice when it comes to weddings in the Temecula Valley.

Here are the shows were in:
Saturday, January 5th – Bride World at the Orange County Fairgrounds
Sunday, January 6th – Kiss the Bride at Pechanga Casino & Resort
Sunday, January 6th – Bride World at the Ontario Doubletree Hotel

And if these don’t fit your schedule, there is
Sunday, January 13th – Bridal Bazaar at the San Diego Convention Center

I know that sounds like a lot, and it is. But the point of the bridal shows is to have them relatively close you  or your venue and to also have the right vendors at those shows. For what is a ‘bridal show’? It’s a gathering of local or regional wedding vendors in one place at one time and available to meet you and show you to the best of their abilities, what they can do for you at your wedding or reception.

These bridal shows also traditionally have fashion shows accompanying them. This is really the cream on the cake, as this is the opportunity for couples to the latest styles in both women’s and men’s fashions when it comes weddings.

rack of bridal dresses

Bridal Gowns

Yes, weddings do and have changed. They even change from one year to the next as the hot, trending styles arrive brightly and then fade as last years weddings can attest too. So the educational component is huge at bridal shows for you to actually see what is here today, and also what is trending for next season.

Mosaic Bride, like many other vendors typically give away things in their booths, with us, it’s the 2019 edition of Mosaic Bride featuring among many things, the images of our cover shoot at Pala Mesa Resort highlighting the ’19 trend of bold colors and pop for reception design. 

Hopefully you can fit one of these shows into your schedule. Remember to wear comfortable shows, allow at least 2-3 hours to view everything, and above all, ask questions. This is a prefect time to ask the experts in the wedding field anything. Many of their clients only use them one time – so your not expected to the be the expert – they are!

Happy Bridal Showing!



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